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Starting the Zero-Waste Journey

Canvas bags? Check. Mason Jars? Check. Bamboo toothbrush? Check. The list could go on and on. But just because we own all of these items, it doesn’t mean we are living a zero waste lifestyle. Unfortunately, with the increased interest in the zero-waste lifestyle came business opportunities for big companies that could take advantage of the situation: making canvas bags with their logos on it, creating super cute glass jars so all of your bulk-bought goodies can be matching and aesthetically pleasing, or by simply marketing something to make it look more “eco-friendly” when in reality it might not be. You might follow an account that shows their perfectly aesthetic spice rack, or their adorable little to-go containers and beautiful...

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Basics of Recycling

Over the years, recycling has become quite popular and many households now have a recycling bin of sorts in their homes. Wether it be plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, or glass jars, we have become accustomed to tossing it into the recycling. This is a good habit, however, there are some alarming truths that need to be brought to more peoples' attention. Recycling might not be as rosy and wonderful as we may have thought it was years ago.  Some materials, like metals and glass, can be melted down and made into to completely new products without losing its purity and quality. The downside to melting these materials is that I takes an immense amount of energy. Interestingly, recycled glass is...

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