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What is Industrial Composting?

Industrial composting - also known as commercial composting - is a large-scale composting facility built to handle large volumes of compostable materials and food waste and process it into compost. Usually industrial composting facilities handle food waste from restaurants, grocery stores, and other commercial facilities that may handle food. They may also accept yard waste from nurseries and landscaping companies. In many cities they have started green waste collection bins for individual citizens and it works just the same as curbside garbage pickup. The waste is collected in the same way that trash is, in trucks that can deliver the material to the facility. These facilities need large amounts of space to be able to manage the amount of compostable...

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Starting the Zero-Waste Journey

Canvas bags? Check. Mason Jars? Check. Bamboo toothbrush? Check. The list could go on and on. But just because we own all of these items, it doesn’t mean we are living a zero waste lifestyle. Unfortunately, with the increased interest in the zero-waste lifestyle came business opportunities for big companies that could take advantage of the situation: making canvas bags with their logos on it, creating super cute glass jars so all of your bulk-bought goodies can be matching and aesthetically pleasing, or by simply marketing something to make it look more “eco-friendly” when in reality it might not be. You might follow an account that shows their perfectly aesthetic spice rack, or their adorable little to-go containers and beautiful...

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Compostable vs. Biodegradable (2 min. read)

The two most common terms used on eco-friendly products are “compostable” and “biodegradable”. Now, when buying a product labeled either of these terms, we feel good right? We feel like we are doing our part in being environmentally conscious and sustainable. If you are paying attention to these terms and choosing your products accordingly, that is a wonderful thing! However, these two terms differ in quite a substantial way. Since we specialize in compostable products, we wanted to clarify the difference between compostable and biodegradable so next time you see these terms used, you can do an evaluation and ask yourself a few questions to make sure you aren’t being “greenwashed”. The term compostable means that the material or products...

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