Our Inspiration and Mission | Compostable & Co.

Nature has always been close to my heart. Luckily, while growing up, I was always taught to respect the Earth and everything it does for us as human beings. I always had a goal in mind to create something that could inspire people to respect the Earth and take care of it to the best of our abilities. In recent years people have been becoming more aware of their personal impact on the planet and I think that’s awesome! Unfortunately, there is a lot of misleading information out there and many companies are taking this “green movement” and turning it into their own cash cow. This is exactly what we here at Compostable & Co. want to avoid entirely. We want to be completely transparent in what we do and how we run things. Of course this is our  livelihood, but it means so much more to us than just making a profit. Our main goal is to make these zero-waste swaps and eco-friendly products affordable to more people. We want to show people that this lifestyle is totally attainable! You don’t need your pantry to be organized in perfect mason jars or your water bottles to be “aesthetically pleasing”. What we want to inspire people to take what they already have and use it to their full potential! We are by NO MEANS telling you to throw away everything you have and replace them with these zero-waste swaps. What we want to do is make these swaps more affordable for when you are ready to replace something that you have gotten good use out of.

We created this company in efforts to not only make environmentally friendly products available to more people, but also to educate people. Here at Compostable & Co. we strongly believe that the first step towards living a more sustainable and low-waste lifestyle is to educate yourself! Thats why we decided to launch our products hand-in-hand with our blog where we will be providing up-to-date information on the current situation of the environment, tips and tricks that you can use in your everyday life to help you reduce waste, and other useful information about our products, methods, etc.

First of all, we make sure that our compostable and reusable products are sourced ethically and we try our very best to find the best quality products. Over time, our goal is to able to source as much products locally in hopes of reducing our company’s carbon footprint, as well as being more aware of the conditions our products are manufactured in. The first product we decided to launch was our 100% Compostable Phone Case which is made up entirely of plant fibers. When composted, this product leaves no harmful residues behind! However, in the very near future we will be expanding our inventory with more of the essentials. If you don’t want to miss out on anything, follow us on Instagram and Facebook. You can also sign up for our newsletter which will provide you with updates on new products, blog posts, and information!