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What is Agroforestry?

With the population on Earth growing at such a rapid pace, food availability is becoming scarce. Although conventional farming aims at producing enough food to feed these people, it is unsustainable and damaging our planet. Instead of exploiting the soil and other resources, we need to start moving towards a more sustainable form of agriculture. Agroforestry - also referred to as permaculture and regenerative agriculture - is agriculture of the future. It is a method of farming that integrates more perennial plants than annual plants and uses many different species in one area together to utilize all layers of the soil, while simultaneously regenerating it. This not only increases the biodiversity of the environment, but also produces better quality produce...

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Why Are Trees So Important?

We always hear that you should plant more trees, save the forests, and keep our planet green. Sometimes brands market by saying they plant a tree after every order or simply donate to programs that plant trees regularly. But why are tree so important really? Well, for a start, they provide us with oxygen - which is absolutely necessary for our survival - as well as store carbon, stabilize soil, and provide habitat and shelter for animals. Trees are the largest plants on the planet and are actually the longest living species on the planet. Recently, the emphasis on how important trees really are has become stronger and today we’ll tell you exactly why. Scientists have still not been able...

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