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What is Industrial Composting?

Industrial composting - also known as commercial composting - is a large-scale composting facility built to handle large volumes of compostable materials and food waste and process it into compost. Usually industrial composting facilities handle food waste from restaurants, grocery stores, and other commercial facilities that may handle food. They may also accept yard waste from nurseries and landscaping companies. In many cities they have started green waste collection bins for individual citizens and it works just the same as curbside garbage pickup. The waste is collected in the same way that trash is, in trucks that can deliver the material to the facility. These facilities need large amounts of space to be able to manage the amount of compostable...

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What is Agroforestry?

With the population on Earth growing at such a rapid pace, food availability is becoming scarce. Although conventional farming aims at producing enough food to feed these people, it is unsustainable and damaging our planet. Instead of exploiting the soil and other resources, we need to start moving towards a more sustainable form of agriculture. Agroforestry - also referred to as permaculture and regenerative agriculture - is agriculture of the future. It is a method of farming that integrates more perennial plants than annual plants and uses many different species in one area together to utilize all layers of the soil, while simultaneously regenerating it. This not only increases the biodiversity of the environment, but also produces better quality produce...

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How Farmers Are Fighting Climate Change

Whenever a new documentary comes out about climate change and the environment, the solutions presented at the end are usually all the same: reduce your waste, recycle, compost, etc. However, with all the frightening statistics and facts that are usually presented in these films, we might come away feeling powerless and depressed. The most recent documentary we watched, however, provided us with a solution that is less commonly harped to the public. In Josh Tickkel’s “Kiss The Ground”, we get to see a completely different approach to saving the planet. The solution: healing the soil. In order to fully be able to grasp the importance of healing our soil, we need to understand what its made up of. For most...

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